Friday, October 15, 2004

Ballantine ethics question

Ballantine: "We are permitted to do some business at our legislative building... This is an absolute smear campaign."

Easley: "I didn't know about it until I read about it in The News & Observer."

Easley accused Ballantine of "shaking down lobbyists."

For background on this issues, read the N&O story online.


At October 15, 2004 at 3:35 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Everything about Mike Easley's campaign has been negative. Negative advertising, negative statements, anger, and general mean-spiritness. No wonder he likes to hide out at his beach mansion all the time rather than the Governor's Mansion.

At October 15, 2004 at 6:53 PM, Blogger Chris said...

What is negative about telling the truth?

At October 17, 2004 at 10:02 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Answer: When the proported truth is a lie.

Easley claimed he didn't blame former Governor Jim Hunt for anything almost immediately after saying his problems were a result of the "previous administation".

Easley claimed that the state didn't lose its triple-A (AAA) bond rating. He event accused Ballantine of telling a lie. It was, in fact, Easley who told a lie. Moody's lowered our bond rating.

Negativity, such as comparing Ballantine to Saddam Hussein is in poor taste ... which is the hallmark of the Easley administration. There is a good reason why Easley doesn't show up ... people will realize just how mean he really is ... and thats not good for re-election.

North Carolinians have been through so much negativity over the past four years as a result of Mike Easley ... and Easley is hardly apologetic for his actions.

We can take our state in a positive direction by electing true positive leadership. We need Patrick Ballantine to be our next governor.


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